Personal Injury: What’s It About

How does someone  pay for an attorney to handle his/her case? Typically, the case is accepted on a contingency fee basis. That’s a fancy way of saying the attorney gets 1/3 of any recovery by  settlement or jury verdict plus reimbursement for case expenses. If the client does not get any money from the defendant person,  company or their insurance company then the attorney does not get paid for all the time spent on the case.  He just gets back his case expenses.

In Massachusetts, the typical waiting time for a civil case to reach a trial date is 3 years.  All the attorneys time and effort is based on winning a verdict  or obtaining a settlement.The defendant and its insurance company use time and delay, as a bludgeon to wear down the resolve of the plaintiff. This situation is why you need the very best legal representation you can find.

Arthur F. Licata


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